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If you’re seeking a chimney sweeping company that has a wealth of experience at its fingertips, then look no further than the specialist chimney sweep in Epping, Essex Stoves and Chimneys. We are a family-run company with over 50 years of experience in the chimney sweeping industry, which
means that you can trust that we have the relevant experience and training required to look after the maintenance of your chimneys. Every single member of the Essex Stoves and Chimneys family is genuinely proud of the chimney sweeping services that we offer, and this dedication to our work means that you will receive results that exceed your expectations. Our chimney sweeps are all highly skilled and have an unparalleled amount of experience and knowledge of the chimney sweeping industry. Using the most effective and proven modern technology, we can complete chimney sweeps for all kinds of buildings, including residential and commercial clients.

We focus on the customer experience and thanks to our longevity as a chimney sweep in Epping, we understand what outstanding service means. Long-term relationships with our customers are important to us, so you can have peace of mind that we consider your needs and give you excellent quality solutions that you can rely on.

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Why do I need my chimney swept?


To minimise potential health risks

If you don’t ensure that your chimney is properly swept and maintained, you could suffer from several serious health conditions as a result. It is vital to remove any blockages or obstructions to make sure that any toxic fumes can escape safely and freely from your chimney.

To reduce fire risk

A main reason to have your chimney swept is to reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire happening. Debris and blockages are a fire hazard if they build up in the flue of your chimney and if left unattended, a fire could occur on your property, leading to financial and emotional damage.

To avoid smoke damage to your property and belongings

Over time, soot and debris will collect in your chimney if it isn’t cleaned out regularly. If enough soot collects, it could block your chimney’s flue which could send smoke, soot, and other debris back into your room. If you have your chimney regularly swept, the likelihood of this happening will reduce, meaning that your property and belongings are protected against any damage.

To meet insurance policy criteria

You’ll likely seek compensation if a fire should occur on your property, however, some insurance companies won’t make payments unless your chimney flue has been properly maintained and cleaned by a fully-certified chimney sweep who can issue a valid certificate of sweeping. In the event of a fire, you may seek an insurance pay-out for any damage that your property suffers.

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With us, you can look forward to receiving an outstanding level of customer service which is thanks in part to our longevity as a chimney sweep in Chingford.

Why choose us as your chimney sweep in Loughton?

Fully Certified Chimney Sweeps

Every member of our team has completed the required training and are fully qualified to undertake your chimney sweep works. Unbelievably, we also have both the youngest and the oldest NVQ-qualified sweeps in the country!

State-Of-The-Art Technology

At Essex Stoves and Chimneys, we pride ourselves on using only the best in modern technology so we can sweep your chimney with ease. We have CCTV cameras and pressure testing equipment at our disposal and even own a drone that can be used for any aerial survey work!

Over 50 Years of Experience

With over 50 years of experience as a chimney sweep in Epping, we are well-known for our high standards across the industry. Our many years of expertise mean that we can help with any fireplace or chimney problem, whatever the size, scale, or age of your chimneys.

Wide Range of Services

We’re highly experienced in providing chimney sweeping services to both residential and commercial clients. As well as this, we also have a fully comprehensive selection of other services including stoves, reclaimed fireplaces, and pizza ovens!

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