Woodburning Stoves in Essex

Are you looking for high-quality, professionally installed woodburning stoves in Essex? If so, then you’ve found the answer. We at Essex Stoves & Chimneys are a family-run company with 50+ years of experience. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client seeking woodburning stoves in Essex we can help. We have the experience and training to guarantee your satisfaction, and we aim to always deliver on our promises. If you’re looking for woodburning stoves in Essex, contact us!

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    What is a woodburning stove?

    A woodburning stove is a self-contained heating appliance designed to produce heat inside your property through burning wood. Our woodburning stoves in Essex work by containing a fire in the body of the stove, which is usually made from steel or cast iron. This heat then radiates into the surrounding space and any smoke is filtered the chimney through the flue that leads to the chimney.

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    Our Range of Woodburning Stoves in Essex…

    Here at Essex Stoves & Chimneys, we offer a range of woodburning stoves in Essex. Our extensive range features woodburning stoves in Essex from top brands and models including:

    • |   ACR
    • |   Adept
    • |   Birchdale
    • |   Blithfield
    • |   Brocksford
    • |   Buxton
    • |   Clarity
    • |   Clock
    • |   Contura
    • |   Dunsley
    • |   Earlswood
    • |   Ekol
    • |   Fireview
    • |   Highlander
    • |   Malvern
    • |   Neo Range
    • |   Novus Stove
    • |   Oakdale
    • |   Phoenix
    • |   Rowandale
    • |   Tenbury
    • |   Trinity Stove
    • |   Woodwarm
    • |   800 Range
    • |   700 Range
    • |   600 Range
    • |   500 Range
    • |   300 Range
    • |   And many, many more!

    If you’re not sure which of our woodburning stoves in Essex would be right for you, get in touch with us for trusted advice.

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    What are the benefits of woodburning stoves in Essex?


    Providing there is a way to run a vent pipe to the outside of your property, we can install woodburning stoves in Essex anywhere. Whether you want to replace your central heating or target a specific room, our woodburning stoves in Essex give you complete flexibility.

    Top-of-the-Range Heating

    Our woodburning stoves in Essex boast top-of-the-range heating capabilities. Woodburning stoves in Essex warm areas quickly and more efficiently than other types of heating systems. What’s more, as heat radiates from all sides, warmth is sent in all directions.

    Environmentally friendly

    Woodburning stoves in Essex are much better for the environment than other alternatives. As they don’t use fossil fuels for heat, woodburning stoves in Essex are considered ‘carbon-neutral’ and don’t contribute carbon dioxide to the environment.


    Did you know that our woodburning stoves in Essex can save you money on your energy bills? Wood is a cheap fuel source and costs less per BTU than other sources. This means that you can enjoy significant cost savings on your bills.

    Stylish Range

    Our woodburning stoves in Essex are available in a style range of colours, sizes, shapes and finishes. This means that whatever your décor tastes are, we’re confident that we’ll have woodburning stoves in Essex to suit your home.

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    How long do woodburning stoves last?

    A good quality, well-maintained woodburning stove in Essex should have no problem lasting for up to 20 years.

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    How much does a woodburning stove in Essex cost?

    The cost of a woodburning stove in Essex will vary. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us for a tailored quote.

    We also do commercial Pizza Ovens!

    We understand that the placement of a pizza oven in a restaurant is a crucial part of creating the right look. Our knowledge of all aspects of the flue and extraction fan means that we help you get the pizza oven where you want without any negative effects on the performance of the flue or more importantly the oven itself. If you are a commercial client and require installation and maintenance of woodburning stoves, open fires and wood-fired pizza ovens, we’re the answer. Contact us today!

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    Why choose us for your woodburning stove in Essex?

    Fully Certified Chimney Sweeps

    All our chimney sweeps are fully qualified and are also fully trained HETAS and Gas Safe engineers. Incredibly, we have both the youngest and the oldest NVQ-qualified sweeps in the country!

    State-Of-The-Art Technology

    We use high-quality tools including CCTV cameras and pressure testing equipment to effectively assess and complete our work. We’ve even invested in a drone for aerial survey work!

    Over 50 Years of Experience

    We have over 50 years of experience as a chimney sweep in Essex and have a trusted reputation across the industry. Drawing on our many years of experience within the company, we can help with any kind of fireplace or chimney issues.

    Wide Range of Services

    We’re highly experienced in providing chimney-sweeping services to both residential and commercial clients. As well as this, we also have a fully comprehensive selection of other services including stoves, reclaimed fireplaces, and pizza ovens!

    If you’re looking for a woodburning stove in Essex, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!