Flue Installation

At Essex Stoves and Chimneys, we use flexible steel liners. As an alternative, we can construct a brand new twinwall steel flue.

By law every, working fireplace where using solid fuel or an open gas fire is required to have a functioning flue in good condition. The purpose of the flue is to make sure that all noxious fumes escape up the chimney and do not find their way back into the building through gaps or leaks.

To establish the condition of a flue, it should first be swept. This will make sure it is free from obstruction. Smoke will then be introduced into the chimney. The flue run is then checked to ensure no smoke has leaked into any part of the building or adjoining flues. If the flue is breached, ie: there is a leak or gap in the chimney which cannot be repaired, it is then necessary to line the flue.

At Essex Stoves and Chimneys, we line flues using flexible steel liners; alternatively we can construct a brand new twinwall steel flue.

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